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Inno-Comp Kft. was founded on 1st January, 1999 as the first integrated polypropylene compounding company in Central Eastern Europe. It is situated in Tiszaújváros, some 200 km east of Budapest.

In the first years we had just one production line, in 2001 three, between 2004 and 2007 three further lines were put into operation considerably increasing our production capacity and the number of our customers. At present production is running on 7 compounding extrusion lines in four shifts in continuous operation.

Our sales activity is supported by a well-organized network of distributors and agents in Europe and the Near East. Our affiliate, Inno-Comp Slovakia, was created in 2005 in Bratislava to conduct sales and market development activities in Czech Republic and Slovakia.


In 2007 we modernized our laboratory to extend the number of the experiments and measurements that can be carried out on our own. A silo-park was installed also in 2007 for the more effective storage of filler materials.


Even in this year a new investment was made resulting in a new facility that started operation in October 2008 in Litvínov, Czech Republic, ensuring the more efficient supply of our customers throughout Europe. Our affiliate, Inno-Comp Bohemia, presently produces on three compounding lines. We possess our own laboratory in this facility as well: up-to-date, computer-controlled instruments are installed.


Both sites are integrated with the two biggest polyolefin producers in the central and eastern European region: with TVK in Tiszaújváros and Chemopetrol in Litvínov. This physical proximity gives the Inno-Comp Group and its customers many long-term strategic advantages.

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